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1) Why any company needs MinterWatch?

MinterWatch can capture screenshots of employees’ screen at regular interval. This way employer can monitor activities carried out by employees. This in turn results into spike in performance of employees, henceforth company’s performance.

2) Is there any restriction on no of clients on which MinterWatch is installed?

MinterWatch can be installed on any number of clients, this way MinterWatch is scalable in true sense.

3) What are the configurable/modifiable parameters which can be changed by Admin dynamically?

Admin can change below parameters dynamically.
• Interval at which screenshots should be captured.
• Resolution of captured screenshots.
• Minimum considered idle time for employees.

4) Where MinterWatch stores captured screenshots?

MinterWatch captures the screenshots and stores in central database.

5) Are there any prerequisites to install MinterWatch?

Dot Net Framework 4.0 is the only requirement to install MinterWatch at client side.

6) Can MinterWatch allow downloading screenshots into local machine from central db where it stores?

Admin can download the screenshots into local machine from central database.

7) Can MinterWatch capture idle time spent by employee?

Yes. MinterWatch captures idle time according to “idle time” parameter set in the application.

8) Can MinterWatch capture screenshots when terminal is not active for example, machine is locked?

When machine is locked, MinterWatch captures the idle time. As no activity is happening during such period, MinterWatch doesn’t capture screenshots while machine is locked.

9) Can Minter Watch application run on Linux?

As of now, MinterWatch is available on Windows only. We may rollout MinterWatch for Linux and Mac if we get any such client requirement.

10) Is there any charge to use MinterWatch?

MinterWatch is totally free to use for first 3 months. Post three months, we will charge to customer as per customers’ requirements.

11) Is there any Installation Cost for MinterWatch?

We charge one time 2000 Rs as installation cost for MinterWatch which includes our installation on clients as well as on server. We also provide training about how to use MinterWatch effectively.

12) Where should you mark your queries about MinterWatch?

You can mark your queries to We will revert soon to your queries.