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  • Minter Watch

    Minter Watch

    Minter Watch is a powerful screen capture tool. Minter Watch lets you to capture screenshots of different computers in your company at regular intervals of time.

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What is MinterWatch ?

Minter Watch is a lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool. It is a very useful utility when you would like to keep a record of whatever employee is doing over the time. It helps in analyzing the time spent on a particular task. All these capturing is done automatically.

Who should use?

According to a survey done by the American Management Association, 45% of mid-sized companies record and review their employees' performance through electronic monitoring. In such case, MinterWatch helps almost every organization where monitoring employees’ performance is prime goal.

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Why MinterWatch?

Any Company often needs to control its performance track by monitoring performance of their employees. Employee monitoring is being used to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee’s performance, and enhancing productivity. This is where MinterWatch helps you.